Skype is a web-based communication tool. Its video component is particularly beneficial for educators in the following ways:

  • Students connecting to students worldwide or next door.
  • Collaboration tool
  • Author visits
  • Interviewing experts, ancestors, etc.
  • Virtual field trips
  • Professional development

And so much more! 50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom

This wiki will give you training and usage tips. We can also use it as a place to share our successes and to ask any questions. Become a member to add content by contacting a librarian.


Training videos


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Author Visits

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Using Skype in Education

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Classroom Skype Jobs for Students

Framing the Experience - Around the World with 80 Schools

Around the World with 80 Schools
Resources from Around the World with 80 Schools, such as roles for students during skype calls, skype projects, skype authors, skype phone book for educators, etc.

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